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0N1 Force Project Blue-Chip NFT Acquired by Crypto Veterans Headed by OFR

0N1 Force, a top-tier NFT collection with an emphasis on comics, has been acquired by a group of seasoned crypto industry professionals. The group, led by blockchain investment company Old Fashioned Research (OFR), paid an unknown sum to purchase the top NFT collection.

The founders of 0N1 Force have departed the company, however, Henry Finn (Starlordy), the project’s current leader, will take over as CEO. Current community moderators will also remain on board.

“We appreciate 0N1 Force’s creative narratives and its vision in building the comic-focused 0N1 Verse,” said Ling Zhang, Managing Partner of Old Fashioned Research. “0N1 Force has a vibrant and supportive community under Starlordy’s leadership, and we are excited to join the force to the core community to build a promising 0N1 Verse.”

Henry Finn added, “It is my great pleasure and honor to continue serving the 0N1 Force community under new ownership that has my complete faith and a very special thank you to the board members who were all instrumental in supporting this transition.

“The new ownership group is filled with passionate supporters of art and storytelling, and their sincere energy has already given new life to this storied brand. Their vision and resources will give us the strong foundation needed to help 0N1 Force reach its fullest potential alongside any blue-chip in the market.”

Together with Finn, Zhang, OFR Strategic Advisor, and former Binance CFO Wei Zhou, new Chief Strategy Officer William Tong, and Yield Guild COO Colin Goltra, who will join the project as a Senior Adviser and Investor, a new 0N1 Force community board will be established as part of the buyout.

“I love 0n1 Force because of its unique community-driven story telling narrative. We will build on this early success to grow the Enclave into the mothership of world class IPs. “ Wei Zhou, OFR’s Strategic Advisor, Coins.ph CEO, and ex-Binance CFO said.

In order to position the expanding 0N1 Force brand as a preeminent IP that is native to the metaverse, the firm plans to invest a significant amount of money in it.

A visual novel series developed and directed by community volunteers is included in the project’s 2023 roadmap, as is 0N1 Conlave, a council of renowned Web3 and Web2 members dedicated to growing the brand.



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