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Adidas Triggers the ALT[er] Egos With NFT

  • Adidas’ latest NFT drop has eight different ALT[er] egos.
  • This is Phase 3 for the Adidas NFT with 3 chapters in the plan.

Adidas, the brand well-known for its sneakers and sports garments, is extending its presence in the digital world. Adidas made an entrance into the Web3 world during the year 2021 via “Into the Metaverse”. And at the latest, they have released “ALT[er] egos”, the teaser premiering in a Rift Valley Motel.

And this latest drop has eight different ALT[er] egos or traits with detailed characteristics, each remarking on a “sports or lifestyle genre”. Accordingly, Strikes, Sprints, Hoops, Thrills, Amps, Soles, Decos, and Drips are the respective names for the ALT[er] egos. 

Notably, this is Phase 3 for the Adidas NFT. The first two Phase NFT owners are requested to burn the old ones and mint this new NFT Phase. This is significantly the final phase, with two more chapters to be added on. As per OpenSea, the total volume of NFTs in Into the Metaverse collection is above 48K ETH, with a corresponding floor price of 0.77 ETH.

Also, the ALT[er] ego is going to make its presence known at NFT NYC events to vocalize NFTs and their creators. Adidas is partnering with Probably A Label to engage the holders with food, fun, and entertainment at the event. Along with the brand launch of its Web3 pizza initiative.

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