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Binance Exchange Failed To List the Most Traded Projects

  • As per Coingecko, the recent analysis lists the majorly traded projects.
  • Binance hasn’t listed any of the projects on its platform.

In today’s crypto industry, there are certain highlighting projects that create effective traded ones in the market. And, from the results of Coingecko, there is a list of the highly impactful projects that haven’t been listed on Binance so far.

Most Traded Projects in the Crypto Market

Firstly, the inSure DeFi (SURE) token. It is been listed on Uniswap V3, and Quickswap, and the trading volume is $2,750,261 currently. Yet, the SURE prices at $0.00442584 with a 0.6% increase in price over 24 hours. 

Secondly, the CEEK Smart VR (CEEK) token. Unlike SURE, CEEK is trading at $1,755,737 over a price ranging at $0.073189 with a 3.9% increase in the market price. And, Bitget and BKEX have listed this token on their crypto exchange platform.

Thirdly, the Radio Caca (RACA) token. And, this token is traded on Bitget, MEXC Global, and Paribu crypto exchanges. Currently, the token price is at $0.00014787 with a decrease of 0.3% in its increase compared to the previous day. Yet, the trading volume of this token is less than the top two which is $1,455,470.

And other tokens that are the most significant on the list go with Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE), and Vita Inu Coin (VINU). These two tokens are known on the crypto market more specifically than the others on the list. The trading volume of BABYDOGE and VINU values at $1,400,912 and $2,426,692 respectively with a slight spike in their market price.

Moreover, all these tokens haven’t been listed on Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Such an impacting exchange failed to list the top-performing trading projects so far. And the list adds the rest of the tokens that include PRX, EVER, LOVELY, SDAO, and SFUND. All these details obtained from the Coingecko on the recent analysis, this Saturday. 

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