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Conflux and China Telecom Launched a Revolutionized BSIM Card

  • A newer development of Blockchain SIM (BSIM) is onboard.
  • Conflux Network and China Telecom collaborated in Shanghai.

Today, Conflux Network, a public blockchain shook hands with China Telecom, a global communication network. They both jointly uncovered the huge development of the Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card in Shanghai, China.

The launch happened at the Xuhui District West Bank Artificial Intelligence Center. This remarks the first ever on-chain interaction between the collaborators. 

Exploration of BSIM

The BSIM card is incorporated into the mobile for user identification over blockchain technology. The fully-compatible nature enables both Android and iOS systems. Additionally, this suffices storage more than 20 times compared to the existing SIM cards.

This is termed to be a game-changing one with effective and safe Web3 user terminal solutions. They include the storage of public and private keys in the card empowered with generation. This has enabled risk prevention of any malware attacks with any target. Furthermore, this would elaborate encrypted storage and key recovery functions, etc. 

Details About the Launch

The Co-founder and CTO of Conflux Network, Dr. Wu Ming appeared at the launch and kickstarted with a successful transfer of commemorative NFT via BSIM card. This registered the first on-chain interaction of NFT transfer from a Conflux Research Institute account to a China Telecom account. 

Moreover, Dr. Wu Ming added:

“From now on, all mobile communication users can obtain a more secure digital identity through mobile terminals and access Web3 and the metaverse with minimal technical barriers.”

Meanwhile, a higher official of China Telecom Research Institute named Li Anmin, a Deputy Dean stated:

“The BSIM card is just a first step as we collaborate in exploring a diverse range of application scenarios and supplementary products, made possible through the innovative integration of blockchain technology with modern communication advancements.”

Henceforth, the BSIM card is all ready to revolutionize the world of blockchain and telecommunications. As per the reports so far, the BSIM card will be handled in Hong Kong before exploring the nations in the overseas market. 

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