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Does BRICS Summit a Changeover Concerning ICC’s Arrest of President Putin?

  • Five member nations’ foreign minister meeting happened at Cape Town.
  • South Africa plans a change of the upcoming BRICS Summit Venue.

On Thursday, BRICS gathered to address the issues happening across the international agenda as started with ‘an exchange of views’, in South Africa. The meeting comprises the foreign ministers from five member nations including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa at Cape Town.

Discussion Details at the Meet

The Russian Deputy Minister, Sergey Ryabkov said, the disclosure of an important document that will be issued by BRICS. Moreover, on Friday, a meeting of Friends of the BRICS is yet to happen with an invite to the fifteen African countries and the Global South

Alongside, Indian Foreign Minister named Subrahmanyam Jaishankar has voiced out on the discussion for the multi-polar and re-balanced world addressing the current situation.

In the meeting, the war in Ukraine was considered by South African ambassador, Anil Sooklal. He added, “Any endeavour that fuels the conflict does not solve the problem.” He insisted that no solution to the war on a global conflict will exist. Anil concluded with the saying: 

“All it does is cause more pain and suffering and, as BRICS countries, this is what we are saying: Let’s focus on finding a peaceful resolution to the challenges, rather than fuelling the conflict.”

Updates on President Putin’s Arrest

Following the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) court application for the surrender of President Vladimir Putin at the upcoming BRICS Summit on August 22-24 in South Africa, the change of venue to another country is on talk. This concerns the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest of the Russian President in South Africa. 

China, a member of BRICS, is considered for the venue by the South African government. Yet. the decision isn’t final. So far, as the information received, the BRICS Summit is to be held in Gauteng, South Africa, says the spokesperson of the Department of International Relations Minister, Naledi Pandor. 

However, the invite for the BRICS Summit was sent to Brazil, India, and China from South Africa, till now. The arrest is meant in South Africa since it is a member of the ICC. Thereby, the Russian President got invited for the execution of arrest and surrender to the ICC, DA said.  

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