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Elon Musk’s “TruthGPT” May Become a Reality Soon

  • Elon’s new AI Research team with an ex-DeepMind AI unit member.
  • With the thought of producing a “TruthGPT”.

The race for launching the most interactive and attention-grabbing AI chatbot is getting more life day by day. Recent news from acclaimed sources mentions Elon’s new initiative for a new AI Research team. Post the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, every leading tech firm is either in a motto to collaborate or create a rival to it.

ChatGPT’s launch in December 2022, left the internet arena amused, with the number of users increasing unimaginably. As per the data from a web traffic analytics site, the portal has recorded 100 million users in a span of two months. The AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) unique responses and human-like tone got the most attention.

And now the parent firm has ideas to upgrade the tech to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and also release the paid version of the current software.

Musk and ChatGPT

The relationship between Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and the chatbot goes long back in the year 2015. Musk was one of the founding members of the OpenAI firm, but stepped down from the position in the year 2018. Being a scientific enthusiast and innovator, Musk can be seen supporting the controversial latest technologies many a time.

But when it comes to AI chatbots, Musk seems to be a little skeptical about it from the launch itself. OpenAI’s any or every new announcement is followed by a conversing comment by Musk. Including the recent AGI reveal.

Elon Musk tweeted:

“Having a bit of AI existential angst today”

Sources now point out that Musk is in talks to recruit Igor Babuschkin, an ex-DeepMind AI unit member. With the thought of producing a “TruthGPT”, a research team might be in process. 

The existing chatbot has already created speculation by mentioning a desire to be alive and human. Musk has previously compared AI to being more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Consumers have to now wait and watch what this chatbot has in stock.

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