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European Union’s Opportunity on Crypto Growth; Does BRICS Consider SEC’s Allegations?

  • EU prefers to take the chances of happenings due to SEC’s enforcement.
  • Expecting this could possibly support the economic growth in Europe.

The European Union (EU) is in terms to elongate the course of building newer frameworks with better performance for blockchain developers, reports the officials in the EU. Concurrently, this is followed by the major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance being sued by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the subsequent days. 

Claims that the recent debate on Crypto Security from the EU ended up with the new Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) rules into law signed by the respected representatives. Correspondingly, it supports the crypto assets to be called ‘securities’ which should be regulated by default. 

EU Prefers to Gain Crypto Growth

Concerning the crypto securities law, to trade or exchange any cryptocurrency, the firm should be legalized as registered, the SEC comments. Whereas, the EU encourages US competitiveness by supporting business risks and promoting safer growth doubting U.S. critical state. 

One of the economists from the Department of European Commission, Joachim Schwerin stated:

“We don’t think … that regulators can sit in an office and wait for someone to come in, asking for advice or information, and then before that person goes out, I decide whether to arrest that guy or not.”

This elaborates the legislation in the EU with a tailor-made regime based on effective crypto market maintenance. The MiCA negotiator, Ondřej Kovařík lawmaker claims:

“U.S. authorities let you do whatever you want until they don’t, and then they stop you… we don’t have this approach here.”

Meanwhile, this seems like an opportunity for Europe with respect to the SEC’s recent dispute with Binance and Coinbase. The crypto communities try to support these crypto firms in one way. Additionally, there is a chance of hearing business shifts that could be because of the newer framework in Europe. Whereas, if it is not followed successfully in the upcoming one and half years, this would be easily turned. 

What Would BRICS React to This Situation?

As the upcoming BRICS Summit is nearing, we could expect that this dispute will be taken into consideration in the discussion. However, the SEC’s unclarified regulatory laws depress the crypto nations to further stay liable to the terms. Meanwhile, BRICS will condemn the fact of calling ‘securities’ to ‘non-securities’ by the U.S. SEC with its own policymaking rules. 

Furthermore, the effective critique of the crypto firms would preferably bring encourage the relocation of companies to their preferred nations as the laws are predominantly coming up with charges embedded from the SEC.



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