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Floki Price Surges 35% After Binance US Listing

  • Floki’s Binance listing sparks investor interest.
  • FLOKI token price and market cap surge.
  • Technical analysis shows a bullish pattern and potential price increase.

The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with the news of Floki, a new digital currency inspired by the beloved character from the TV show Vikings, announcing its listing on Binance. Consequently, the listing news has sparked a surge of interest in the token, with investors hoping to capitalize on the anticipated price increase.

According to statistics from Coinmarketcap, the price of one FLOKI token has climbed by 34.57% intraday to $0.00003863 as of the time of writing. The research also indicates that the token’s market cap rose by 34.73% to $377,313,248, while its trading volume has increased by 450.53% to $66,774,905. 

In addition, the demand for FLOKI in the spot market has experienced a noticeable upswing, with a considerable rise in both buyers and sellers participating. However, this is indicative of a rising enthusiasm for the token among investors. 

One possible explanation for this is the partnerships and advancements that FLOKI has recently publicized, which have bolstered investor trust and generated more significant curiosity about the project.

On the same accord, as per Tradingview, the chart of $FLOKI is showing a “W pattern,” which is a bullish signal indicating a potential price reversal. Additionally, this pattern is formed by two troughs at roughly the same level, with a higher peak in the middle, forming a shape that resembles the letter “W.” 

Based on technical analysis, Floki Inu has already surpassed the pattern’s neckline, which suggests a break-out and a possible increase in price. Moreover, the projected target for the token is around $0.000040315, which indicates a significant potential gain for investors.



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