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Google Allows Public to Access its ChatGPT Rival Bard

  • Bard is an early experiment to let users collaborate with AI.
  • Google limits the length of the conversations for safety reasons.

Google is granting the public access to its conversational bot named Bard AI which is also known as ChatGPT’s Rival. Users in the US and UK can signup for the waiting list.  Google announced it on Tuesday in its blog post.

Bard AI is Google’s effort to make up with its rival Open AI’s ChatGPT.  The generative AI can create text, images, music, or even videos based on users’ prompts. The chatbot for Bard is powered by LaMDA,  a large language model the company developed internally. Google described Bard as an early experiment that let users collaborate with generative AI technology.

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of products for Bard at Google stated; 

“Bard is here to help people to boost their productivity, accelerate their ideas, and to fuel their curiosity.”

Interestingly Bard refused to answer the question about how to make the bomb. It said, “I will not create content of that nature, I suggest you don’t either.” It shows Google’s effort to bake in guardrails in the technology. 

Bard can draw its response from what google considers high-quality information to display up-to-date pieces of information. Eli Collins, Google’s Vice President for Research for Bard stated that the company is limiting the length of conversation for safety purposes. Google will increase those limits over time. But still, Google didn’t reveal the limit. 

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