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Open-source Web3 Platform Lisk Launches New Accelerator Program

Lisk, an open-source web3 platform, has introduced a new accelerator program. The program will provide grants of up to 250,000 CHF ($270K) per project to help finance the development of web3 solutions.

The Javascript Software Development Kit (SDK) for Lisk streamlines the process of building web3 and sidechain apps that are interoperable with Lisk. Moreover, Lisk’s tech stack development will be incentivized and web3 innovation will be supported through the accelerator program.

Startups with a multi-year plan to incorporate web3 technologies fall under the scope of the Lisk Accelerator Program. Lisk is especially eager to support initiatives developing blockchain solutions for specific apps.

The first round of applications is now being accepted for the two-part program. The first phase will go from March 20th, 2023, to June 30th, 2023, while the second phase will run from September 1st, 2023, to November 30th, 2023.

Lisk CEO Max Kordek said: “Web3 applications can disrupt many industries, from finance to healthcare to supply chain management. They can eliminate intermediaries and enable trustless interactions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We believe that entirely new business models can be created. The Lisk Accelerator is our way to find and support those.”

In order to foster innovation within the Lisk ecosystem, the Lisk Accelerator Program is actively seeking seasoned developers and business owners to work with. Startups that are accepted into the program will have access to resources including mentoring, financing, networking, and marketing. There are four levels of funding:

Bootstrap Grant: To help entrepreneurs get off the ground, the Lisk software development kit (SDK) offers a 4,000 CHF grant for developing a proof of concept. As a result, teams will be able to apply to the accelerator program with the necessary qualifications.

Builder Grant: With the help of the Lisk ecosystem team, its knowledge bases, its founders’ network, and its tokenomics specialists, the Builder Grant will provide a total of 65,000 CHF to develop a web3 application.

Booster Grant: By passing the testnet phase, applicants for the Booster Grant may get up to 85,000 CHF in funding, along with access to resources like as assistance on user experience and interface design, investor pitch preparation, and one-on-one mentoring.

Breakout Grant: Projects who have released their app, shown product/market fit, and are ready to grow may apply for the Breakout Grant and receive 100,000 CHF to assist them to take the next step.

With the Lisk Accelerator Program, web3 development teams will have access to the guidance, resources, and capital they need to bring their ideas to fruition. Successful projects will keep all of the equity they raise, keeping all of the profits while helping to spur innovation in Lisk’s growing web3 ecosystem.

See www.lisk.com/accelerator for more information.



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