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RBX, the Native Token of ReserveBlock, Debuts on Bitrue and Deepcoin Exchanges

The eco-friendly NFT platform known as ReserveBlock has achieved a big milestone with the listing of its native token RBX on two of the crypto industry’s leading exchanges, Bitrue and Deepcoin

ReserveBlock is a unique, Layer-1 blockchain protocol powered by a novel Proof-of-Assurance consensus mechanism that enables what its creators say is “lightweight mining” with extremely minimal energy consumption. 

Like Bitcoin, ReserveBlock is built using the C# programming language and is fully decentralized. However, while Bitcoin comes under criticism for its high level of energy consumption, ReserveBlock has devised a lightweight alternative. The RBX token helps to secure the network via its PoA consensus mechanism, enabling the platform to support energy-friendly, decentralized applications. 

ReserveBlock is primarily designed for NFTs. Developers can use ReserveBlock to build highly scalable and adaptable dApps with support for features such as multi-asset NFTs, on-chain royalty enforcement, P2P media transfer, domain name service, wrapping and pairing of assets, and on-chain governance. The major differentiator of ReserveBlock is that its infrastructure is said to be “NFT-centric”, with features that provide more relevant utility for NFTs.

The unique design of ReserveBlock makes it ideal for anyone interested in participating in the network through low-energy crypto mining. Users are required to stake a minimum of 1,000 RBX to become a validator node on the network. However, with RBX’s listing on Bitrue, users now have further opportunities to get involved. 

RBX’s launch was accompanied by numerous rewards, competitions, giveaways and AMAs, but most exciting of all is Bitrue’s new RBX Staking Program. With it, RBX holders can now stake any amount of tokens for the chance to earn randomized block rewards by participating in carbon neutral mining with their PC or notebook. 

The excitement generated by the launch on Bitrue and Deepcoin saw RBX’s price spike at almost $2 per coin, though it later dropped to around $0.90 at the time of writing.



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