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Ripple Collaborates with Blockchain Fund Founders to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

Ripple Collaborates with Blockchain Fund Founders to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

  • Ripple invested in Singapur-based venture capital as a part of the collaboration. 
  • The partnership unlocks the potential of web3 companies.

Ripple, a leading provider of crypto solutions announced their strategic partnership with Blockchain Fund Founders to develop the Web3-based startup. As a part of this, Ripple invested in the Singapore-based venture capital. Furthermore, the Funds will be used to support the blockchain companies in their early stage and has a high potential. However, the investment amount has not been disclosed yet. This funding is part of Ripple’s effort to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

Moreover, Blockchain Fund Founders has been backed by a lot of investors, leaders, and leading financial institutions. Also, it has over 100 companies in its portfolio that are focused on Web3 activities. Furthermore, to highlight, Lunarcrush is a portal that analyses crypto projects based on their social media quotability.

Brooks Entwistle, Managing director at Ripple stated:

“It’s clear that blockchain technology can transform industries. We want to see startups unlock the potential of blockchain technology, and are excited to partner with Blockchain Founders Fund to accelerate startups that are creating world-class products with real-world utility for the global market.”

Partnership Focusing on Facilitating Startups

Moreover, this partnership combines the two traits of Ripple’s business. The first trait is the crypto company’s affinity with the Asian region. The second trait can be stated as Ripple’s focus on developing new technologies and helping the existing early stages companies by investing in them. The company invests directly in startups and helps developers to create innovations for their benefit. 

Furthermore, the support from Ripple will add more strength to BFF to invest in a wide range of companies which compelling growth potential and a strong foundation. This partnership unlocks the potential of companies in their early stages of crypto space and web3. Moreover, it promises to drive support and innovation in web3 entrepreneurs who are trying to shape the future of decentralized technology.

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