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Sweat Economy Announces Governance Vote to Decide on 2 Billion SWEAT Tokens

The innovative move-to-earn initiative Sweat Economy is introducing a new governance vote today in the Sweat Wallet app, allowing the community to determine what will happen to 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens in inactive user accounts.

The 2 billion SWEAT tokens, or around 13% of the entire supply, are now locked up in dormant user accounts under a 24-month contract.

Despite numerous reminders, a sizable percentage of users have failed to activate the Sweat Wallet application and claim their tokens after the successful Token Generation Event in September.

What should be done with these unused tokens is the remaining issue that the new governance vote seeks to address. One person, one vote is now implemented in Sweat Economy, allowing token holders to actively participate in the decision-making process and democratize the token’s destiny.

Users may vote to keep the 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens in inactive user accounts or to have them recovered and returned to the Sweat Treasury for possible future distribution (or other purposes as chosen by further votes).

The proposal will run for at least seven days, with the option of a three-day extension in the case of a continued flood of votes, in order to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to make their vote count. A minimum of 75,000 votes are needed for the proposal to be approved or rejected.

Due to the significant amount of SWEAT tokens at risk and Sweat Economy’s growing dedication to community-centered decision-making, this new governance vote is noteworthy. No matter how much SWEAT a user has in their account, the platform is committed to making sure that their opinion is heard. According to user comments, the community is in agreement with this intention:

“Thanks for letting the community know before the vote is live. Much better for transparency.”

“It’s a good proposal! I can’t wait to see what they propose to do with over 2 billion $SWEAT!”

Given the significant amount of SWEAT tokens at stake and the massive turnout for the last vote, Sweat Economy is confident in seeing even better participation rates this time.

This significant occasion supports Sweat Economy’s effort to build an ecosystem that is more open, transparent, and democratic while continuing to encourage active community participation and control over important decisions.



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