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Tether and BTU’s Landmark Collaborate to Create Digital Economy Trailblazers

  • Tether and BTU collaborate to empower students in the digital economy.
  • The partnership aims to create an innovative blockchain education ecosystem.

In a landmark move, Tether, the well-known stablecoin, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Business & Technology University (BTU). This is based in Georgia. Based on reports, Tether’s collaboration with BTU promises to equip students with the vital knowledge and skills required to flourish in the rapidly growing digital economy.

Moreover, this partnership involves creating in-depth educational programs focusing on stablecoins, Bitcoin, and other digital technologies. Hence, these key subjects aim to empower individuals with financial freedom and advance freedom of speech.

On the same accord, the collaboration includes the Academy of Digital Industry, a local digital education platform, and Terminal, Georgia’s largest and most dynamic co-working space. However, this strategic partnership aims to create a conducive learning environment that promotes innovation and practical experience.

Course Structure and Delivery Odyssey

The one-month-long course, modeled after Tether and Lugano’s Plan B summer school, is meticulously designed to offer students a holistic understanding of blockchain technology. Moreover, the course incorporates eight carefully curated lectures delivered by a mix of local and international blockchain experts.

According to reports, these experts and guest lecturers will be offering their insights, sharing real-world experiences, and guiding a project at the end of the program. Further, the introductory lectures, given by international speakers, will be conducted in English, offering a global perspective. However, most course content will be delivered in Georgian, ensuring a smooth and familiar learning experience for the students. 

Another exciting facet of this collaboration is the possibility of internships for students within the blockchain ecosystem. This allows students to practically apply their newly acquired knowledge. Furthermore, this gives them an invaluable opportunity to network and interact with industry professionals.

CTO’s Passion for Education Ignites Collaboration

Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Tether’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, shared his firm belief in the power of education. He stated that Tether is devoted to endorsing education and academia. He added that Tether’s partnership with BTU presents an incredible chance to involve students in the region. 

Sharing Ardoino’s enthusiasm, Professor Nino Enukidze, BTU’s Rector, emphasized this partnership’s importance. He stated that their collaboration with Tether is crucial to developing a blockchain education ecosystem in Georgia.



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