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Uncovering Effective Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies Without Any Financial Investment

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the true value of any given cryptocurrency, or if it’s a worthwhile investment at its current market price. But what if you could earn cryptocurrency tokens for free? If you’re not paying a single dime to top up your wallet, then for sure whatever you can accumulate is going to be a worthwhile investment. 

The most common way to earn crypto for “free” is to mine it or stake it to earn rewards, but doing so requires a significant, upfront investment itself. As such, these remain somewhat risky endeavors. Luckily, there are still plenty of other ways to earn free tokens, so keep reading to find out how: 

Participate In Surveys

Freecash is an Android and Web application that partners with various research firms and advertisers to incentivize people to perform certain tasks in their spare time. It basically involves clicking on adverts and taking surveys to earn free cryptocurrency rewards. Alternatively, users can earn various gift cards, “skins” for games like Counter-Strike Global, and other prizes. 

Some users report being able to earn up to $20 worth of crypto per day, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. The great thing about Freecash is that each task informs users how much they stand to earn before they complete it, and it allows users to cash out their earnings once they have made a minimum of just 10 cents. 

What’s more, it’s easy to sign up – simply login with your Google or Steam account, or register with email to get started. Once you’ve earned some tokens, you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet or else exchange them for cash and withdraw using PayPal. 

Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops present an even easier way to earn free coins. They’re a common marketing tactic used by new crypto projects, with the aim being to attract new users and reward early adopters for their loyalty, while promoting their new token. Participating in airdrops is usually very simple, and involves taking small steps like joining the project’s Telegram group or following it on social media. 

One of the most exciting airdrops to launch this year is Metatime’s MetaAirdrop, which claims to be one of the largest token giveaways ever. Following its recent token presale, the MetaAirdrop event runs from now until January 1, 2024, and will see more than 200 million MTC gifted to followers over the duration. Each month, the project will distribute 10 million MTC to the top 100 participants in the airdrop, based on their MTAp scores. 

To earn MTAp points, users are required to promote the event on social media sites like YouTube and Twitter. Once the event concludes, the remaining MTC rewards will be distributed among all participants in the event. 

Learn and Earn

The popular CoinMarketCap website offers a “learn and earn” program that aims to educate users about cryptocurrency. After signing up, all the user has to do is watch videos and learn about different crypto tokens, then complete a test afterwards for the chance to earn rewards. 

Note however, that CoinMarketCap requires that users score a perfect score to claim any rewards, and there may also be specific tasks that have to be completed too. In addition, there are a number of countries whose citizens are barred from participating. Another thing to note is that prizes are limited, based on a first come, first served basis, so once the distribution is used up, there’ll be no more rewards, even if you do everything right. 

Still, CoinMarketCap’s program undoubtedly offers more free tokens than anywhere else, providing the opportunity to earn BNB, DFI, TRX, SXP, ROSE, NEAR, LIKE, PERP, XMS, NFTB, SAND, CYBER, FOL, IOTX, SUSHI, POLS and many other cryptos. 

Browse The Web

Perhaps the simplest way to get free crypto is to do something you already spend lots of time on – browsing the internet. Simply swap Google Chrome for the Brave Browser, make sure Brave Rewards are switched on, and you’ll accrue a small amount of crypto in your wallet for each website you visit. 

Brave’s rewards are paid out in Basic Attention Tokens, which are a cryptocurrency designed to encourage users to engage with advertisers. Basically, Brave Browser blocks standard ads with its built-in adblocker, and instead only shows a few, unobtrusive ads from select partners, and they won’t be “targeted” ads because your privacy is respected at all times. Each ad that’s viewed comes with a small reward in BAT. While the rewards may seem minimal at first, they can quickly add up for those who spend several hours a day browsing the web. 

Brave users can choose to tip their favorite websites with the BAT they’ve earned, or alternatively they can cash out those tokens on an exchange once they verify their Brave wallet. 

Final Thoughts

Many times when we see the words “earn free crypto” we immediately assume it to be a scam. Indeed, people are right to be suspicious because scams are abound in the world of crypto, and one should never respond to random messages from strangers on Twitter offering free tokens. However, the above examples all provide legitimate ways to earn free crypto without having to take any personal risks. Simply support their initiatives and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. 



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