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Venom Blockchain Collaborates With DAO Maker to Incubate Web3 Startups

Venom Foundation, the first Layer-1 blockchain licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), has announced a cooperation with DAO Maker, a prominent blockchain growth solutions provider recognized for their Launchpad, to incubate innovative Web3 firms with an emphasis on providing real-world use cases.

DAO Maker will actively contribute to the growth of the Venom ecosystem and the accomplishment of Web3-related initiatives. Venom is certain that with DAO Maker’s assistance, it will be possible for developers to significantly enhance the ecosystem and hasten the expansion of its community.

Through the Venom Launchpad, the Venom Foundation and DAO Maker will actively nurture new projects. Promising Web3 projects and developer teams will get a special chance to interact with some of the most well-known figures in the sector via the Venom Launchpad. It will make use of the combined expertise of DAO Maker and Venom Foundation to assist businesses in many different areas, including brand development, marketing, and strategic planning.

Peter Knez, Chair of the foundation council at Venom Foundation, commented, “At Venom, we are dedicated to pioneering innovation in the blockchain industry. Our partnership with DAO Maker is a testament to this as we incubate promising Web3 startups and bring real-world use cases to life. We are proud to be a part of this exciting collaboration and eagerly anticipate its impact on the industry.”

Christoph Zaknun, CEO of DAO Maker, said, “DAO Maker is excited to partner with Venom Foundation to incubate promising Web3 startups. Our expertise in growth technologies and funding frameworks will support the development of the Venom ecosystem. I am honored to take on an advisory role within the Venom Foundation team and look forward to building the future of blockchain together.”

The integration of the Venom blockchain and Venom Wallet with DAO Maker’s Launchpad is another aspect of the collaboration. Venom will get help from DAO Maker’s Launchpad in continuing to push the limits of innovation in the market thanks to its well-known visibility and access to a larger audience for blockchain companies.

CEO of DAO Maker Christoph Zaknun Designated as Venom Foundation Adviser

Christoph Zaknun, who established DAO Maker in 2018 and now serves as its CEO, is actively participating in the Venom Foundation team as an advisor. Mr. Zaknun will provide Venom with his considerable valuation knowledge and experience after assisting ventures in raising funds since 2017.

To lower the risks for investors, DAO Maker offers growth technology and genuine funding structures for entrepreneurs. It provides a number of important solutions for fundraising, community incubation, and expansion-related tokenized enterprises. By doing this, DAO Maker has solidified its position as a top supplier of growth tools and services for lowering investment risk.

This broad partnership exemplifies DAO Maker and Venom’s passion for innovation as well as their ongoing efforts to support budding blockchain startups.



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