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What does Google Bard say about Shiba Inu and Tradecurve price for 2023

With many buyers looking to diversify their investment portfolios, two projects have recently managed to capture the crypto spotlight: Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the most well-known meme-tokens, and Tradecurve (TCRV), which is an up-and-coming top-tier trading platform currently in its presale phase. Today, we will take a closer look at some insights into these tokens by turning to Google Bards, the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Let’s begin. 


  • Google Bard shares insights about Shiba Inu and Tradecurve
  • Shiba Inu sees a increase in the number of active addresses
  • Tradecurve has tremendous long-term growth potential


Shiba Inu (SHIB) could show green charts once more

Google Bard suggests that Shiba Inu may experience continued volatility and fluctuation in its price throughout 2023. It came to this conclusion because Shiba Inu is a meme-inspired project, and they failed to see any significant surges in the current market as they don’t offer real value. The Shiba Inu value is heavily influenced by market sentiment and trends, and things have not looked so good in the last month as its value dropped by 15%. 

However, not everything is so gloomy as Google Bard also pointed to Ali Martinez, a crypto researcher who saw a dramatic increase in the number of recently created Shiba Inu addresses over the weekend. His tweet claims that users added 2,538 different Shiba Inu wallets to the network in a single day. He mentioned this was the most significant increase in new addresses over the previous three months.

With a market size of $5.1B and a value of $0.000008776 right now, the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has increased by 0.62% in the last day alone. With all these factors, Google Bard claims that Shiba Inu could see further price growth as experts predict a rise to $0.0000116 by December 2023.

Tradecurve insights and analysis by Google Bard 

As Shiba Inu (SHIB) appears to be showing volatility, Tradecurve stands out as it has been on a constant upward trajectory. Google Bard claims that this one-of-a-kind borderless trading platform has all the requirements to challenge well-established players in the game, such as Coinbase and Kraken. 

Using the customers’ deposited cryptocurrency as collateral eliminates the requirement for KYC and other time-consuming registration procedures. This gives traders complete anonymity and freedom while trading. Even better, the decentralized platform enables trading multiple asset classes, including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex, on a single account. 

Tradecurve will also eliminate any third-party mediators, giving all traders complete control of their assets and keys – significantly reducing the trading fees in the process. Regarding security, Tradecurve will implement a negative balance protection and a Proof of Reserves (PoR).


Those who are just beginning their trading career may find the social trading aspect of Tradecurve perfect as they can just copy trades that experienced traders have done (for a subscription fee). 

As an added aid, traders will also be able to subscribe to automated & AI trading bots, which have a proven track record and will significantly increase profitability. Obtaining discounts on these subscription fees, staking rewards, and governance can be achieved by purchasing and holding the platform’s utility token, TCRV. Currently, TCRV costs only $0.015, and the presale is in Stage 3. 

Google Bard has pointed to one factor that sets Tradecurve above Shiba Inu: its low market cap. With a 1.8B token supply, its market cap is now $27M which is way lower than Shiba Inu’s $5.1B – meaning Tradecurve can experience a significant price surge with ease as it will not require a large amount of new funds. 
With Google Bard’s insights, buyers should take note of the potential for Tradecurve’s price appreciation in 2023. Because of this, market analysts foresee a 50x jump in the TCRV value as the presale advances and a 100x surge when it gets listed on Uniswap or a different Tier-1 CEX after its launch. With an ambitious goal of becoming a top 3 global exchange soon, sign up for this game-changing presale below and obtain a 25% deposit bonus.

For more information about the Tradecurve presale:



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