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Will Realio’s Alpha Launch Impact RIO’s Price Surge?

  • Managing and Issuing RWAs digitally is made easy through Alpha Launch. 
  • Upcoming FreeHold Wallet application from Realio Network.

Realio, a technology-driven ecosystem for RWAs (Real-World Assets) digitally announced Realio Network’s Alpha Launch through a press release. Purposely to support the issuance and management of digital RWAs, this is introduced.

A Layer 1 Blockchain enabling Web3 in the Cosmos ecosystem is termed the Realio Network. Before the Alpha Launch, it was tested for months through a testnet which then became a success. Moreover, during the testing process, such challenging issues included API (Application Programming Interface) with the infrastructure. Developers tried hard to bring out the innovation with quicker possibilities of solving the issues before launch. 

However, the goal is to make Realio Network, a game changer in attracting investors and enhancing the potential with the Alpha launch. Enthusiasts believe that the most enthusiastic phase of this Network’s development will outreach the user community with the blockchain-based management of assets. 

The Director & Co-Founder of Engineering at Realio, Eduardo Romeiro said:

‘It will enable everything we envision, from the products we aim to build, the community we strive to work with, and ultimately the users we will reach.’

What’s New in Realio’s Alpha Launch?

This launch is the first Asset Model allowing user-created assets to be hosted on various Layer 1 Blockchain. Also, all these blockchains run through a single interoperable ecosystem. This enables the security and safety of assets.

Furthermore, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is supported on Realio Network with its Proof-Of-Stake (PoS). There are two native utility tokens namely – $RIO (Realio Network Token) and $RST (Realio Security Token). Today, the RIO token price is at $0.3092 with an increase of 8.78% as stated by CoinMarketCap over 24hrs. 

Correspondingly, the team outrages to come up with the Freehold Wallet application. It will be a non-custodial DeFi-featured wallet over Realio’s blockchain. In terms of future prospects, this would rather contribute to reward claiming and staking tokens.



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